VEM - Low-voltage, Built-in motors

VEM - Low-voltage, Built-in motors

Brand: VEM
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From our range of three-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotors, we supply wound stator core packages and rotor bodies. Winding of thermal class 155 (F), 180 (H) is available as an option. Motors are also available as energy-saving motors of the IE2 or IE3 design.

The tolerance for the mounting hole of the wound stator core package is as follows:

  • H7<= frame size 112
  • P7 frame size 132
  • S7 >= frame size 160

After forcing onto the shaft, the rotor bodies must be overtightened and stripped to the finished dimension of d 38, and dynamically balanced.


Technical details

Frame sizes56 – 400
Power output range up to 710 kW
Speeds3,000; 1,500; 1,000; 750 r.p.m.
Types of protectionIP 00 according to EN 60034-5 (IEC 60034-5)
Design typeIM 5010