Trumeter 7922 Electronic Predetermining Counter

Trumeter 7922 Electronic Predetermining Counter

Brand: Trumeter
Model No: 7922
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6 digit supertwist LCD programmable preset counter with prescaler, quadrature input and EEPROM data storage in an IP65 DIN case.
This versatile counter with prescaling can be configured for quadrature or uni-directional inputs, dual preset or single preset with batch preset. Reset can be automatic, manual or electronic with a sink (NPN) or source (PNP) input.
The display is a supertwist high visibility backlit LCD which can be viewed from any angle. The count is on the main display and the preset value (or batch preset) is on the lower display.
Simple programming via menu driven display
Quadrature input
High visibility supertwist LCD display can be viewed from any angle
Backlight programmable ON, OFF or AUTO
40 years data retention with no power
Programmable decimal point up to 3 places
Operates from 85-265VAC or 10-26VDC
12VDC output to drive a sensor (when AC powered)
Opto-isolated inputs
Wide range of prescaling
Output relay contacts rated at 5A
Output can be set to latch or pulse with programmable pulse duration
Environmental protection to IP65
Standard DIN housing
CE, UL and cUL approved
All programming, reset and presetting can be carried out from the front panel. When powered from an AC supply, there is a 12VDC output to drive a sensor. The key below each digit sets the P1 or P2 (or batch) preset value on the lower display. The red reset key resets the display count to zero or P1 (according to programming). In normal operation the colon illuminates whenever relay 1 is active. In P2 Set mode the colon illuminates whenever relay 2 is active.


Supply Voltage
85 - 265VAC or 10 - 26VDC at 100mA
Auxiliary Output Supply
12VDC ± 10% @ 100mA (when operating from AC supply)
2 rows of 6 digits, supertwist black on silver LCD with yellow/green LED backlight. Upper row
7mm (0.28in) high indicates count, lower row 4mm (0.16in) high indicates P1/P2 preset point. Also Relay 1 Active annunciator
Backlight Control
Programmable to Always ON, Always OFF or AUTO (ON for 30s following last keypress)
Preset Points
Two user selectable preset points 1 - 999999
Count Inputs
Voltage Opto-isolated 10 - 30VDC
Quadrature and uni-directional
Input A (quadrature and uni-dir. count) NPN or PNP
Input B (quadrature and UP/DOWN in uni-dir. mode)
Maximum input frequency 10kHz
Duty cycle Maximum 60:40 or 40:60 mark/space ratio
Prescaler Multiply 0.00001 - 9.99999, default 1.00000
Divide 1 - 99999, default 00001
Manual Reset
Can be disabled on installation or remotely reset
Remote Reset
Contact closure or pulse (15 ms response time)
Automatic Reset
Programmable for automatic or Manual/Remote reset
Data retention
40 years minimum
Output Relays
Contact Connection
Both individually programmable as NO or NC SPST
Contact Rating 5A 260VAC/30VDC 1300VA/150W
Operating Temp
-10°to +60°C
Storage Temp
-20°C to +70°C
Environmental Protection
IP65 when properly installed using the sealing gasket supplied (without bezel)
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7922 - 6 digit Predetermining counter