Trumeter 3 ft Multi-Purpose Measuring Wheel, 11-0765

Trumeter 3 ft Multi-Purpose Measuring Wheel, 11-0765

Brand: Trumeter
Model No: 11-0765
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These sturdy multi-purpose measuring wheels are best suited for quick and easy measuring over a variety of surfaces. They feature a 5-figure display with bold .20″ high numerals and are capable of counting to 10,000 feet. Their lightweight design eases handling, and the reset button is protected by a raised collar. These models are available with curved handles. These units are widely used for estimating by contractors, accident investigators, landscapers, surveyors, real estate agents, and farmers.

- Figures: 5 figures, 20” high
- Reset: push-button
- Weight: 1.9lbs
- Extended Size: 48” (curved handle)
- Storage size: 32” (curved handle)
- Wheel size: 3 ft. wheel has a diameter of ~11.5”