LEVELtrol II Level Indicator, Kessler-Ellis

LEVELtrol II Level Indicator, Kessler-Ellis

Brand: Kessler-Ellis
Model No: LT2
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Level and Tank Volume/Mass Indicator
UL Listed
Batching by Level
Level Control, Tank Volume, Corrected Volume and Mass Calculations
Menu Selectable Hardware & Software Features
Two Line LCD, OLED or VFD Display
Isolated Outputs Standard
RS-232 Port Standard, RS-485 Optional Windows™ Setup Software
DIN Enclosure with Two Piece Connectors
DDE Server & HMI Software Available
NEW! - Attractive Wall Mount Enclosure

The LEVELtrol II (LT2) Flow Computer is a level indicator for use with a variety of level sensor types in liquid applications. The LT2 can be used for level monitoring, level control and level batching (batch by level). Multiple tank geometries, fluid equations and instrument functions are available in a single unit with many advanced features. The alphanumeric display shows measured and calculated parameters in an easy to understand format. Single key direct access to measurements and display scrolling are supported.