KEB Frequency Inverter, 09F4CRD-3420

KEB Frequency Inverter, 09F4CRD-3420

Brand: KEB
Model No: 09F4CRD-3420
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The KEB Combivert F4-S Series Frequency Drive Inverters use a digital operator interface with a five digit LED display and a double function keypad as a means of controlling operations. The inverter uses a system of LED flashes to inform the user of the current process' status and any errors that may have been detected.

Input: 50/60Hz
AC 3 PH 305..440V/ 4.5A to 460..500V/ 3.8A
Output 0...1600Hz Max
AC 3 PH 0...440V/ 4.1A to 480V/ 3.4A
Power 2.8KVA
AC-MOT 1.5KW 2/4P 50/60Hz