ELiAR Sensor, S40

ELiAR Sensor, S40

Brand: Eliar
Model No: S40
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New generation sensor with inductive technology.

Single piece compact design eliminates extra space needed in control panel.

Sensitivity adjustment (Hi-Lo).

Suitable for seam detection for fabric unloading and circulation period monitoring.

Best price/performance for basic seam detection applications.

Product Specifications:
- Sensing speed 0.1-10 m/s
- Normally open contact output (MOSFET)
- Single piece & compact design
- 24 VDC (18-30VDC) supply voltage
- Sensing distance: normal 0-25 ±5cm
- Sensing distance: high 0-35 ±5cm

Technical Specifications:

Sensing Distance

>Normal 0-25 +/- 5 cm >High 0-35 +/- 5 cm

Output Protection

Short Circuit Protected

Min. Output Pulse Length

1 sec

Signal Gain (Normal) Red

Output Green LED

Min. Sensing Period

3 sec

Supply Red LED

Sensing Speed

0.1-10 m/s

Sensing Magnet

AlNiCo and Samarium Cobald (Min. 0.5 Oe)

Excitation Voltage

24 V (18-30V) DC

Power Consumption

600 mW

Load Current

100 mA (24 V AC/DC)


145 gr

Operating Temperature

0-95 °C

Cable Length

2 m