Daiichi Electronics Automatic Synchronizer, ASY-96

Daiichi Electronics Automatic Synchronizer, ASY-96

Brand: Daiichi
Model No: ASY-96
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ASY-96 is an automatic synchronizer w/ synchronous validation display(LED) used when generators are connected in parallel. Smooth synchronizing can be performed w/ suppressed rush current, less system disturbance, less generator shock by accurate circuit breaker closing at synchronizing point after matching voltage/frequency of both generators.

- Space saving is achieved with light-weight, small-size.
Mounting area is reduced to approx. 1/6 compared with our conventional product (ASY-100).

- Easy-to-see display/ simple setting.
Condition can be easily grasped as this product can be used as analog indicator and appropriate measure can be taken easily.
Operation setting is easily performed from front with cover being open.

- With automatic manual control changeover function.
Automatic synchronizing start/ manual synchronizing start can be selected freely.

- With reverse power prevention function at receiving.
Reverse power at receiving can be prevented by SLOW side closing designation (FB>FG).

- Reduction of wiring work is achieved.
Input of generator