Beru - Temperature Sensors

Beru - Temperature Sensors

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Meet the BERU Temperature Sensors for ambient temperatures measured with accuracy, and the BERU High Temperature Sensors (HTS), especially designed for those temperatures ranging from -40°C to 950°C. 

Accuracy and reliability

Used for the exact measurement of ambient temperatures, the BERU High Temperature Sensors (HTS) are a solution for:

  • Engine and transmission: fuel, coolant, oil, air ; 
  • Exhaust gas systems ; 
  • Auxiliary heaters.

Expect :

  • Stability ; 
  • Structural versatility in a measuring range of -40°C to 950°C.


Measuring principle :

The sensor measures the temperature with a temperature-dependent resistor, e.g. a hot wire (NTC) or a thin-film platinum measuring resistor. The characteristic is stored in a control unit and therefore allows calculation of the temperature.


  • High temperature sensor (HTS) ; 
  • Miniaturised sensors.