Ace Giken Dispense System, DPS-110IIIL

Ace Giken Dispense System, DPS-110IIIL

Brand: Ace Giken
Model No: DPS-110IIIL
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- Screw valve that can dispense a large-capacity.
- About ten times amounts can be dispensed compared with SB-110IIIS.
- Thanks to the rotation control of the screw shaft, you can get a high precision dispensing.
- This model has adopted cap-nut method, so you can maintain easy.
- Because the screw liner of the exchange type was adopted, the improvement of the stability, the improvement of durability, and lowering the cost in wear-out parts were able to be done.


Screw valve controller


Controller accessories

Foot switch

Urethane tube(W)φ4×φ2.5×2m×2sets

Urethane tube(W)φ6×φ4×5m×1set

Screw valve


Glue tank

Metal tank AT-2


BP-105DE (for connection to IIIL)

Materials tube

Nylon tube(W)φ10×φ7.5×2m×1set

Stand set

Base、Pole、Screwvalve holder


Metal nozzle of C (chosen size) x 1set